MPFS Marbella - Elite Football Training Centre in Marbella, Europe's number 1 training facility located on Spain's Costa del Sol
MPFS Marbella - Elite Football Training Centre, Europes number 1 training facility located in Marbella on Spains Costa del Sol
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Hotel Antequera Golf & Football training centre, Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain

Football Fields at MPFS Marbella, Malaga in Spain

Here on this map you can see that our Centre consists of multiple training areas. Our Centre is specially designed to take three teams at any given time without disturbing each other.

Football Fields at MPFS Marbella

Several different sizes of pitch have been built with a view to satisfying the most demanding trainer's requirements.

The centre consists of the following:

3 main fields (FIFA measures) 105 x 68m
3 fields with 4 goals 50 x 70m
3 fields with 3 goals (goalkeepers and corners) 40 x 40m
4 fields for "football tennis" 10 x 20m
3 fields with 1 goal 30 x 40m
2 x 7 a side pitches -
Areas for physical training, with 8 speed tracks 20, 30, 50m

The Centre has every essential item of sports equipment for training available to the client: markers, training balls, mobile goal posts, free kick barriers with artificial players, sets of flagpoles, training cones, etc.

The grass pitches are completely unique thanks to the high technology systems used to maintain the surface in first-class condition, even during occasional rainy weather. The drainage system installed (80 cm of difference grades of gravel with drainage pipes, beach and river sand separated by a geotextile membrane which prevents them from mixing) guarantee the option to continue training even during the worst rainy conditions imaginable.

The grounds are completely surrounded by a 4-6m. high wall along the entire length of the 600m. perimeter which is also equipped with additional screening to avoid the gaze of onlookers, so frequently a problem for big league teams that need privacy from their fans. Another safety measure includes the double security entrance: a barrier and an entrance gate.